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My name is Clive Smith; I help people to meet and exceed their goals. Clients and business owners enjoy working with me because I can point them to the best services and resources for human resources and business operations. I am a dedicated and results-oriented leader with over 30 years of experience and success in global markets, leading and initiating new businesses and driving change across different industries.


I have repeated success in directing organisations to success by establishing and achieving strategic initiatives that improved performance. I am instrumental in formulating business strategies, developing new plans, increasing sales, and promoting brands. I am skilled at developing corporate/business operations, growing new business, implementing new finance/operations structures, and leading global teams.


I possess solid management skills and the ability to analyse issues and devise process improvements to increase efficiency and streamline operations with minimal resources. I am an articulate and refined communicator, able to build relationships and manage demands that result in achieving business goals.

  • Devised environmental positioning for a water-saving biological treatment ‘ecobug’.

  • Negotiated and achieved contracts with McDonald’s, Tesco, Royal Mail, and Marriott Hotels that increased the business of the organisation with global reach.

  • Earned ISO 9001 contracts with police authorities, Crimestoppers UK, and Tesco stores listing through proper dealing and coordination. 

  • Won Midlands regional development competition for access to £5M investment fund to aid expansion.

  • Led the integration of ISO 9001-2015 upgrade with new working practices protocol to improve business efficiency, attained in record-breaking six weeks for Stairways Midlands Ltd.

  • Generated and raised £1.5M investment by creating a new business plan, rebranding ‘Prescription Care Services’ NHS home delivery for the elderly, adopting a social enterprise strategy and securing a contract with Age UK.


Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

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