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Tony is a seasoned campaigner in financial mechanisms for raising capital for ecological related projects. With over £100m successfully raised over the years for business ventures, he brings a wealth of experience to our business as lead introducer in his Chair Facilitator role for Planet Useful. With over 40 years experience in the construction industry, he has guided a number of successful businesses and was responsible for creating one of the first major multi million sales from public to private sector for a Sussex Landfill site some 30 years ago. 
Since then, he has been heavily committed to Brownfield regeneration, creating an environmental agency agreed insurance bond for management and risk protection of regenerated and cleaned up development sites. One of the first policies was used to great effect with the Madejsk Stadium site, home of Reading FC. This was marketed by his business BEP [Best Environmental Practices Ltd], which enabled policyholders to release capital value or sell on, as the policy provided the guarantee, reassuring lenders through the management of the liability. The business policies of BEP have subsequently been sold to a major Lloyds Insurance broker however, Tony retains the brand name.

A person of true grit he has worked as an advisor with PWC and specialist debt recovery to aid business restructure.

A venture into the hi-tech world of gaming raising over £15m for a new start up is a demonstration of his ability to adapt and work with varied business opportunities.

His perseverance and tenacity has won him favour with many clients who see him as a port of call in rough seas, always able to assist with financial investment and creative solutions. He is held in very high regard by his business associates, who know his word is his bond and a handshake is as good as a signature.  


Partnering with Clive Smith he brings complementary and extensive experience to Planet Useful, none more so than Tony’s little black book a prized, extensive network of high disposable income contacts, aids the marriage of finance to regeneration ecological projects and fulfils against his business development as the Chair Facilitator role for the company.

  • In the early nineties, he partnered Irvine Sellars (who built The Shard) raising over £40 million to develop property opportunities in Russia.

  • Whilst in Russia he serviced a private enterprise organisation based in Moscow.

  • He has raised substantial funds for regenerating commercial properties to residential. 

  • He is currently working with associates to facilitate blue-chip acquisitions for clients in the Middle East

  • He has formed a strong working relationship with Guernsey-based insurance and investment company.

  • He works closely with a well-established firm of top London Lawyers.

Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

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