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Anthony brings a wealth of technical expertise and engineering know-how to Planet Useful, fulfilling the role of technological innovation and business development director, with 38 years of experience leading & motivating teams across a wide range of stakeholders. An excellent communicator with the confidence to create winning strategies in hydrogen, renewable energy, carbon capture & storage, petrochemicals and polymer recycling.  
Considerable understanding of implementing productisation strategies for downstream: Hydrogen (Green, Blue & Grey), gasification, methanol, olefins, polymers, cryogenics,  catalysts, molecular sieves, membranes, nitrogen rejection, vapour recovery, biogas, oleochemicals, power to liquids, geothermal, recycling of olefinic plastics, heat pumps & thermal insulation. Oil & Gas: HP pipelines, field development, underground storage, sub-sea development, carbon capture & storage, LNG, deepwater risers, top-sides, terminals, acid gas extraction, utilities, GTL, GTG.

This is extended into services for technology licensing, consultant services, process engineering, project management, outsourcing,  turnarounds, engineering design, feasibility studies, FEED, EPC, BOO/BOT, LSTK, RAM, project management, optimisation of operations, energy conservation, remote monitoring and maintenance, cost control, identification and recreation of best practice, energy and water pinch modelling.

Partnering with Clive & Tony he brings complementary and extensive experience to Planet Useful, enabling as our technical facilitator our collective ability to offer sound advice and implementation to decarbonising of buildings strategy amongst other projects for the company.

  • Negotiated feasibility study to grow biofuels in Ukraine (Rapeseed) for processing into Diesel for BP.

  • Steering team member for Institute of Energy led JIP on carbon capture and sequestration, including a full-scale atmospheric dispersion test with supercritical CO2 simulating an emergency rupture of a transport pipeline. 

  • Focus on EPC projects with a maximum total installed cost of €500m, with a focus on new technologies (micro LNG, hydrogen PEM, geothermal, calcining)

  • In the early years with BP as Project/Commissioning Engineer in Houston USA and Sunbury on the Thames.

  • Negotiated and signed new CCR/NHT process units for Gdansk and Szazhalombatta refineries worth $300m TIC each.

  • Identified and negotiated the Novo Mendeleevski Fertiliser complex project in Tatarstan - TIC $660m.

Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

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